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7100 Small Rider Floor Scrubber

Price $1,500
Item # 1218
Location Ohio
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Tennant's 7100 Small Rider Floor Scrubber is rugged and durable to clean large and small industrial spaces with versatile options that can be tailored to your environment.

7100 Features and Benefits

Tennant's 7100 Small Rider Floor Scrubber delivers large industrial grade rider features to scrub in harsh environments
  • Maximize machine life through quality engineering and industrial grade construction
  • Safely clean up to three times longer between empty/fill cycles with FaST or ec-H2O technology
  • Achieve excellent cleaning performance from an aggressive scrubbing system, delivering up to 200 lb / 91 kg of down pressure
Key machine features of the 7100 Scrubber
  • Shock absorbing steel frame and polyethylene exterior for durability in harsh environments
  • Breakaway squeegee and scrubbing heads that reduce corrosion lower maintenance costs
  • Compact size allows easy maneuverability to tackle both large and small spaces"
$1,500 AS IS
Rotary Disc 800 mm
Actuator/Brush Fault
Needs a hose, 15 inch brush, water valve and batteries